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Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 - December 6, 2016 Tuesday | Daily Pinoy Tv Online Replay
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Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 - December 6, 2016 Tuesday

Written By asungot on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 | 10:00:00 PM

Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 is the seventh season of Pinoy Big Brother, the Philippine version of Big Brother.This is the third special and thirteenth season overall. Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, and Robi Domingo reprised their roles as hosts. Mariel Rodriguez returned as host after her absence since Teen Clash 2010.The show premiered on July 11, 2016.
The World Tonight on ABS-CBN Channel 2 were the first news programs on Philippine television, followed in that same period by ABS-CBN Channel 9’s Newswatch, which with the transfer of channel ownership to RPN-9 in 1969 would stay on for more years. Channels 5, 7 and 13 tied up for the said project. In the same year, RPN-9 (later Solar News Channel) introduced the longest running and consistently rating sitcom, John En Marsha and the First Family of Philippine television, the Puruntongs. MBS Channel 4 later became PTV 4 (People’s Television) after the EDSA Revolution, and in 2001, it is now known as the National Broadcasting Network (NBN), in turn renamed back to the People’s Television Network in 2011. In 1953, less than a month after the first telecast, Father James Reuter, a Jesuit with radio and television training in the United States, produced the first play on Philippine television entitled Cyrano de Bergerac. The largest cable television provider in the Philippines is Sky Cable Corporation, a subsidiary of the Filipino media conglomerate ABS-CBN Corporation which owns SkyCable, Destiny Cable, MyDestiny Cable, Home Cable, Sun Cable and UniCable. It was considered the most prestigious television awards of the country during that time and until now, no one have replaced it. On the other hand, the Star Awards for Television are the oldest existing television awards in the country handed out annually by the Philippine Movie Press Club and they are voted by the press. Three years later, he was the first to apply for a license in Philippine Congress to establish a television station. James Lindenberg, an American engineer dubbed as the “father of Philippine television,” began assembling transmitters and established the Bolinao Electronics Corporation (BEC) on June 26, 1946. With the establishment of DZXL-TV Channel 9 on April 19, 1958, the Lopez brothers controlled both television channels nationwide. Source: Philippine Television.  Pinoy Daily Television | Pinoy TV Online | Teleserye Replay


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